Gudjuda Reference Group Aboriginal Corporation

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Gudjuda Cafe

where awesome foods meets culture!

The Gudjuda Café is located at the top of Plantation Park, Ayr.

The Café oversees the cultural totem the Carpet Snake, carpet snake’s traditional Birri-gubba language name is Gubulla Munda (pron. gub-ulla-mun-da).

Gubulla Munda also protects the burial site where the first female Indigenous remains were bought back to Queensland, repatriated in 1987 by Birri Gubba descendants.

Other remains were repatriated at the burial site in 1987 and 2002.

The Gudjuda Café welcomes local community members and travelling tourist to drop in for a coffee and a cultural experience through Juru Walk (located bottom of Plantation Park, Ayr).

The Café can cater for large groups and functions.